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Surabaya Spine Clinic

MRI is one way doctors examine and produce images of organs , tissues and the skeletal system with high resolution . It will help doctors to diagnose a variety of conditions . In the diagnosis of spinal complaints require an MRI . Surabaya Spine Clinic facilities spinal MRI for patients outside the city and do not have a lot of time as a form of convenience . Time is important and we understand those needs. Therefore , we provide Regular MRI package for Rp . 3.850..000 , - provided that:

1. The day finished ( Patient out of town )

2. The shipping cost if needed

For registration :

1. Please call 031 503 1333 ext . 429 , a radiology department

2. Come directly to radiology Siloam Hospitals Surabaya

Call Centre Spine : 0822 3322 7788