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Surabaya Spine Clinic

"Let’s achieve Quality Life through Healthier Spine”
Surabaya Spine Clinic
Surabaya Spine Clinic

Overview Surabaya Spine Clinic

Low Back Pain and Neck Pain is the mostly problem can occured. Some kind of variable can be caused. Finding what is cause the pain is the most importent thing, for deciding next step. Medical check up, test in laboratorium and scanning by X-Ray, CT Scan, or MRI make it briefly.

After getting diagnosed, the next step is choosing what kind of therapy most properly and safe for patient condition. This problem can be relief without surgery. Medical rehabilitation will help. Therapy with medicines, phisical, local injection to relief the pain or surgery for recovery can be taken. Nowadays, operation technic more safe for patient with high percentage of succesfull and minimally wound. Its name minimaaly invasive complex spine surgery.

Surabaya Spine Clinic Siloam Hospitals Surabaya is a total solution for your spinal problem.


SSC as a spine health specialist agency that provide integrated services, comprehensive and informative for the people of East Java, Indonesia in particular and in general.


  1. Society health improvement
  2. Provide spine health care for the community
  3. Improve service coverage in the spine related area
  4. As a form of health education services particularly spinal health