Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Surabaya Spine Clinic

Now, it was noted that 80 % of the population had experienced low back pain (low back pain), this is the second most common neurological disease after headache. And 20% of the population usually requires serious treatment .

Low back pain also disease with surgery and the third largest cause of disability supreme. Therefore, surgical innovation with the smallest risk and a better success rate becomes crucial. One innovation in the handling of such cases is to minimally invasive neurosurgery. In Indonesia, it is still rare done .

Minimally invasive procedure is a surgical procedure that is performed by means of a minimum enter the body through the cavity, skin or body opening with the least possible damage . So the impact of surgery can also be minimized .

In the discussion it was revealed that medical experts have proven ability in Surabaya application . For example, in spinal surgery. Dr. . Eko Agus Subagio , SpBS, apply the procedure ' microscopic decompression ' to be able to parse the abnormalities in the spine.

"The procedure is very safe to do so and provide better results when done according to indications, " said Dr. Agus Eko Subagio, SpBS

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