How to Recognize Abnormalities in the Spine

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01 April 2021
How to Recognize Abnormalities in the Spine

Have you ever seen someone who has a hunched body? A hunched body is a sign that someone has a spinal disorder. This disorder can not only be experienced by elderly people, but also young people.

This condition can occur because there is an unusual curvature in the spine, which affects the arrangement of the bones including a person's posture. Not only hunchbacks, there are a number of other spinal abnormalities that need to be recognized.

Types of Spinal Abnormalities

There are three types of spinal disorders, including:

1. Excess lordosis.

The condition when the spine curves forward excessively. Usually lordosis affects the lower back and neck.

2. Excess kyphosis.

The condition when the curvature of the upper back is more protruding backward. Kyphosis sufferers usually have a body posture such as slouching. Osteoporosis is the main trigger for this disorder. There is also kyphosis in young people, which is caused by incorrect posture when using excessive gadgets.

3. Scoliosis.

The condition when the spine curves sideways and resembles an S or C shape, so that the shoulders or hips are not flat. A person is said to have scoliosis when the angle of the curve reaches more than 10 degrees. This condition generally appears at the age of 9 years.

A number of types of spinal disorders can be detected by a doctor's examination. Usually the doctor will read the patient's and family's medical history, then perform a physical examination and X-rays to confirm any abnormalities. Through X-rays, a person can find out the types of spinal disorders that are suffered, including the amount of curvature that occurs in the spine.

Spinal disorders are preventable conditions. Make sure your body gets enough vitamin D and calcium intake, such as consuming calcium-rich milk, increasing your intake of vegetables high in vitamin D, to be diligent in exercising. You can also come to the Surabaya Spine Clinic to check your bone health. Healthy bones will help the body move more comfortably.

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