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Surabaya Spine Clinic

Operation procedure is intended for people who want to free pinched nerves from spinal pain completely. Usually recommended for people with long experience of this complaint, getting treatment and therapy are manifold but not show good results. Endoscopy or Microscopy, both are minimally invasive spine surgery.

The Advantages of this surgical technique are:

1. Sores minimal operations, only about 2-3 cm

2. The success of the high and the risk of nerve injury is small. Many outstanding information less true in society from the effects of spinal surgery. If the proper diagnosis and correct treatment, recovered as usual is not wishful thinking.

3. Can be done in the lower back or neck. Spine clinc in Surabaya Siloam Hospitals Surabaya, patients and families can take a procedure of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) start at a price of Rp. 95.000.000,'s with the following conditions:

1. Hospitalization class 3

2. Without implants

3. Without ICU

4. For the handling of one segment (1 level)

5. Hospitalization for a maximum of 5 days

6. Without complications

This price is the most reasonable price with quality standards of Siloam, so now do not need to spend the cost abroad or more expensive for the operation. Save your money to have fun with the family to spend quality time after recovering later. This procedure comes as quite a lot of people who experience these complaints and had many patients who recovered as usual through this effort, with the permission of Allah. Hopefully your next. We are ready to help.

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