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One Stop Service Surabaya Siloam Spine Clinic

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16 September 2019
One Stop Service Surabaya Siloam Spine Clinic

We have support services to facilitate your needs in terms of insurance, accommodation and medical travel. Surabaya Spine Clinic Siloam wants to make you more comfortable and save time for your medical needs. If you are from outside of East Java this choice will be right.


Around Siloam Surabaya, there are various choices of places to stay with various budget variations. Just set your budget so we will find the best accommodation you need.


At Siloam Surabaya 99% receive private insurance with a variety of policies. Make sure you have an insurance card or policy number. Please check with one tap to our WA hotline.

Medical Travel

Air Ambulance Service: We have prepared 3 private jets on standby in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore. With an experienced medical team ready to pick you up wherever you are, both at home and abroad.

Thus you can focus on your health condition. Once again you only need to contact our Whatsapp hotline at 082233227788.

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