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Tingling Hands, Beware of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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10 August 2019
Tingling Hands, Beware of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You are a gamer, comic creator, graphic designer or other person who relies on your hands to work. beware of this one complaint. Numb palms, tingling can be a problem that often strikes you lately, find out why?

When we feel numb, tingling to weakness in the palm of the hand, immediately check with your doctor, about the possibility of you experiencing a health condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition occurs when there is an emphasis on the median nerve that radiates to the hand, and passes through the wrist, which is also called the carpal tunnel, and leads to the palm. The median nerve itself controls all movements of the fingers including the thumb except the little finger. The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is narrowing of the cavity which is generally caused by swelling.

Causes of CTS

The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is due to repetitive movements (repetitive) such as typing, accelerating the speed of the motor. Or anything related to hand movements but done under our arms.

Other health conditions can also trigger carpal tunnel syndrome, including hypothyroidism, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus and also pregnancy.

When this condition is left alone, or no treatment is done, symptoms that appear will get worse, or get worse with time. Can also disappear by itself. However, research shows that carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed more easily earlier treatment.

Symptoms of CTS

Some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include; burning sensation in the palm of the hand, also accompanied by tingling to numbness in the thumb, index finger to the middle finger. This condition initially occurs at night when your fingers or hands relax. Only in the morning when awake other than numbness in the hands are generally followed by tingling in the shoulder.

In more severe conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome is often followed by the weakness of this grip caused by atrophy of the muscles in the hand. In further conditions, the degree of pain and muscle cramps also becomes worse. At this stage the median nerve begins to lose function due to irritation or pressure. What is generally followed: nerve impulses become slower, loss of sensitivity in the fingers, loss of coordination especially those using the thumb, or pinching movements. When this condition is still left the possibility of permanent muscle damage becomes greater.

Women are said to have an occurrence 3 times more often for carpal tunnel syndrome, this is because the carpal tunnel in women's battle is smaller than men. It also becomes more common in women during pregnancy. But generally CTS in pregnant women will disappear by itself after several weeks of delivery.

CTS diagnosis

In addition to physical examination, what is generally done by a doctor tapping the back of your hand and see the reflex of the fingers whether it can be stretched or relaxed completely or not? The doctor can also suggest an EMG examination to determine whether the nerve response is blocked or experiencing problems.

CTS therapy

Many therapeutic modalities can be used to treat CTS, the simplest way is to reduce repetitive movements such as rubbing clothes, typing, musicians, hairdressers, cake makers. Stop for a moment from these activities is highly recommended by doctors to reduce the symptoms of pain or tingling that appears. Some special movements are also recommended by doctors to treat CTS.

The use of a special support for the wrist is also recommended so that the wrist does not move excessively, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves. The use of this special decker can be done at night so that in the morning you are free from pain, numbness to tingling in the hands.

Drugs, especially anti-inflammatory groups or steroids, are proven to be able to eliminate the symptoms that appear in CTS. Medication can be given orally or by injection.

Surgery is performed when some of the methods of CTS treatment above no longer give results the way that doctors do also vary. Start with open surgery with an incision in the arm until surgery is minimal.

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