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Rita Vivera Pane, MD., Medic Rehabilitation

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01 July 2019
Rita Vivera Pane, MD., Medic Rehabilitation

There is a misunderstanding in the community regarding the perception of coming to a Neurosurgeon specialist surgery will always be recommended. This opinion is wrong because why should surgery if you just get non-surgical therapy is enough. And actually the percentage that requires surgery is only small at around 2-3%. Therefore, at the Surabaya Spine Clinic, patients with far more therapy.

In the method of treating patients to get a nerve clamp healing there are several approaches and to determine the best method must be based on the results of medical examinations and patient complaints. After that, the doctor will suggest treatment with the best method that the patient needs to run. So, if you get a suggestion for a planned operation, one question from us is that you have got the right diagnosis and the best advice for you. Try crosschecking us!

The Surabaya Spine Clinic Siloam Team also has a Medical Physics and Medical Rehabilitation Specialist who helps restore the body functions of patients suffering from bodily dysfunction or disability. This condition can be caused by injury, accident, or disease. With the help of a medical rehabilitation doctor, patients are expected to have a better quality of life.

Conditions Treated by Medical Rehabilitation Doctors

There are various conditions that are handled by medical rehabilitation doctors. The following includes:

Patients who experience accidents and suffer injuries, thus experiencing limitations in bodily functions.

Patients who undergo treatment for diseases that cause weakness in limbs, making it difficult to move or even experience paralysis, such as

Patients suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis, back pain, and recurrent injuries.

Patients have excess weight, making it difficult to move or do sports.

Changes in the phase of life, such as postpartum or menopause, which affect a person's physical abilities.

Types of Therapy performed by Medical Rehabilitation Doctors

There are various kinds of medical therapies that can be performed by medical rehabilitation doctors to restore the patient's health condition. The type of therapy given, will be tailored to the needs and conditions of each patient.

Medical rehabilitation therapies given can take the form of:

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a special treatment performed by medical rehabilitation doctors to help patients with physical, mental, and cognitive limitations. With occupational therapy, patients can be more independent in undergoing various kinds of daily activities. When occupational therapy is carried out, medical rehabilitation doctors will pay attention to and assess the difficulties faced by patients in carrying out various kinds of activities. From there, medical rehabilitation doctors will provide appropriate training to facilitate patients in carrying out these activities.

For patients with stroke, for example, medical rehabilitation doctors will help and train patients to be able to carry out various types of physical activities safely, such as exercising body balance, teaching again how to bathe, dress, and various other activities.

Occupational therapy is not only given to sufferers of stroke, but also to sufferers of arthritis, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, children with birth defects, to autism.


Physiotherapy is a recommended treatment or given a medical rehabilitation doctor with the aim of improving joint or muscle function or strength. By doing this therapy, the limitations of motion experienced by the patient can be overcome so that the patient's ability to stand, walk, move, and climb stairs will be better than before. Physiotherapy is recommended for patients who experience injuries, physical disorders, limited movements, starting from sufferers strokes to patients who have undergone certain limb amputations, so they need to adapt to the tools they wear to move.

Speech therapy

Medical rehabilitation doctors will provide speech therapy to patients who have speech problems and are difficult to string words. Patients who suffer from stuttering will usually be advised to undergo this therapy, including sufferers of apraxia and dysarthria. Some diseases that can cause speech disorders, such as stroke, polyps, vocal cord paralysis, dementia or senility, ADHD, and autism, are also usually recommended. undergo this therapy.

In speech therapy, the doctor will perform treatment according to the speech disorder suffered by the patient. Exercises provided by medical rehabilitation doctors function to strengthen the muscles in the face and throat, so they can speak words or speak more fluently.

Social rehabilitation

This is part of medical rehabilitation that helps patients to adapt to changes experienced, as a result of certain diseases, injuries, or disabilities. With the existence of social rehabilitation, patients can re-blend or socialize with the community with more confidence.

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