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Medication Nerves Pinned Abroad? Try Ret

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17 June 2019
Medication Nerves Pinned Abroad? Try Ret

Lately many patients who have come to Siloam's Spine Clinic told us that it was new

realizing that choosing treatment abroad is not always the best.

There is a wrong perception in some people who think the medical world abroad is always better than Indonesia. Even though it's not always the case. In some cases after having traveled around the world searching for treatment, finally healing was actually obtained in the country in the hands of expert doctors from Indonesia as well.

Many patients who go on adventures seek long treatment for healing and it is not easy. The ones who often hunt for treatment abroad are Singapore, Penang Malaysia and China.

However, the patient only found out that the most sophisticated procedures and high success rates for the treatment of clamping nerves already exist in Indonesia and even Surabaya.

Microscopic Decompression is currently still a golden standard, but Endoscopic PELD may follow in the next medical era. Discuss with the doctor first.

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