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Cracking My Neck Cause Arthritis, true or false

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04 February 2019
Cracking My Neck Cause Arthritis, true or false

When you intentionally bend or twist your neck - either because of nervous habits or to relieve tension - you may see a crack or a crack.

You might be wondering: can my neck crack cause arthritis?

Sounds like cracks or bursts that you hear when you bend or rotate your neck are called neck crepitus. Neck crepitus is usually harmless and occurs when small gas bubbles form in the synovial joint and then erupt.

You are safe

In almost every case, neck cracks are completely harmless. The sound you hear is most likely due to a small gas bubble that forms and protrudes in the fluid between your synovial joints. This process, as far as we know, does not cause damage to your neck.

While sounds like cracks in the neck have not been extensively studied, we know from the medical literature about fingers that sound like cracks that this habit does not increase the risk of arthritis. At present there is no evidence to show that ringing the neck causes arthritis.

What actually causes inflammation of the neck joints

Neck arthritis, or cervical osteoarthritis, is not caused by swallowing your neck, but is relatively common and can develop naturally as you age.

This condition is caused by the gradual use of protective cartilage that lines the joints in your neck. Because the cartilage gets older, bone-to-bone grinding occurs, which can cause pain and swelling in the joints.

Factors such as genetics, injury, and physically demanding jobs can all play a small role in developing inflammation of the neck joint. Ringing your neck will not speed up the process.

Make cracking carefully

Sounding a crack in your neck is not dangerous, but if you do this movement causes pain or swelling, or sounds can be recreated every time you move your neck, it is recommended to see a doctor.

You may also be advised to visit a doctor if your neck starts cracking after a car accident, falls, or any traumatic injury. The cracking sounds you hear might indicate structural changes that occur in your neck as a result of trauma, which need to be addressed.

Although the possible source of the neck sounds from the formation / collapse of air bubbles in synovial fluid does not cause harm, but you may still want to avoid repetitive sounds due to the repeated bending or repetition of your neck to bring it out. Muscle strains or sprains can occur if you forcibly stretch your neck, extending beyond the normal range of motion.

You can always visit your doctor and ask about your broken neck if you are not sure whether it is a problem or not. Their professional opinion can give you peace of mind.

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