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Healing of My Father from Pain and Spine

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07 March 2018
Healing of  My Father from Pain and Spine

I am the son of a 60-year-old father. My father is a civil servant in the morning and a farmer in the afternoon.

It used to slip when farming and the impact is increasingly felt now. Weared road far ill, the longer the mileage

which can be achieved less and less. After getting a recommendation from Madiun, we left for Surabaya. Want to meet

doctor Eko Agus Subagio SP. BS. I get the information that Doctor Eko Agus dedicates himself to science and

help patients especially who have complaints in the spine. After doing a photo MRI, it was found the source of the problem

because my father undergo various therapies before meeting doctor Eko Agus. Therapies such as SWD, Tens, Lasers elsewhere but have not improved

This seems to be a more serious problem and should focus on the cause of the problem.

Yes indeed recommended surgery and my father immediately said ready. Looks like the father was already mentally prepared from before when it was suggested for the operation.

From the results of MRI found 2 locations that are problematic in the neck and lower back. The operation to be performed is to free the troubled nerves. Doctor Eko suggest surgery on the neck first in 2016, Alhamdulillah successful and in 2017 lower back surgery. Alhamdulillah repeat the success of last year.

The results that you feel after this operation, Alhamdulillah gradually improved. And you do not need therapy anymore.

Father advises us as a young generation, be careful in the activity and keep the spine health, so as not to be father. Hopefully more and more

which is helped by the Spine Clinic Siloam. Ayoo, the spirit to heal and do not be afraid of spinal surgery that already sick, in order to live more qualified.

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