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Foot Pain Feels Tight, Check Immediately

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27 February 2018
 Foot Pain Feels  Tight, Check Immediately

The following patient story we can publish now because it had lost contact. But even though it's been longer than 2 years, the developmental results show something exciting. Mr. Paul at about the age of 50s, he complained of pain from the tip of the foot to hips, it feels like a tight vein and there is a feeling uncomfortable. Here's the story:

I was disturbed by this pain, instantly the pain appeared I immediately went to the neurologist and underwent hospitalization for 7 days with drug treatment and after it had not felt pain. However, I am still advised to consult a neurosurgeon.

However, after the treatment turned out the pain appears again after 3 months. For this time, I want to see a neurosurgeon immediately and my condition is indicative for surgery. And I asked my friend who is also a neurologist and he think if this condition is better surgeried. Because otherwise it will improve and can last a lifetime. If I survive with only my condition with therapy this may be but only for a while.

Finally I am sure to have surgery with Doctor Eko Agus Subagio, and the results have been great until now. I do not need therapy anymore.

Hopefully Mr. Paul's experience can be a picture of how healing can also be achieved better if not too severe condition and not too long let.

Regards Healthy spine

Photo: Mr. Paul (far right) gathered together with old friends

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