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Pillows and Risk of Low Back Pain

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03 March 2017
Pillows and Risk of Low Back Pain

We often feel stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back and waist after waking. Hope to come back refreshed after sleep, it can not reach because of a trivial problem, namely pillows. Maybe it's time we evaluate our sleeping positions and pillows that we use. Either back or oblique sleeping position will pose its own risks for pain in the neck / back if we do not put ourselves in the right position.

Things we do not realize is that we often use pillows that are too high or too low, forcing our spine curved neck too upwards or downwards, whereas a good position is a cushion that follows the curve of our necks.

As well as the lower back, if we sleep spine / lower back is forced to a straight position, so it will make the surrounding muscles tense imperceptibly. A good position is retaining arch your lower back curve naturally by propping a pillow.

The pillows are good to use is that it has no effect to press but can follow the natural curves of the spine looks like the letter S and maintain it during sleep.

By keeping the normal spine position while sleeping in a period of approximately 8 hours per day will reduce the risk of neck pain / back caused wrong sleeping position and wrong pillow. Choose materials and stuffing is not too hard but not too soft. It would be better if we use a pillow that could follow the curve of our spine.

If you experience neck pain / back pain both locally and spreads to the arms / legs did not improve, you should consult immediately.

Let's maintain a healthy of spine and nervous !.

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