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Causes of Tailbone Pain and How to Overcome It

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14 April 2021
Causes of Tailbone Pain and How to Overcome It

Many people may ignore pain or tenderness in the tailbone. Although the tailbone is considered to be leftover (or no longer needed) in the human body, it has several functions in the pelvis.

When the tailbone is disturbed, some of the above activities will also not feel comfortable. It is important to know the cause of the tailbone pain, in order to prevent fatal conditions such as cancer or tumors. The following are causes of a sore tailbone and how to deal with it :

Bad posture

Sitting in the wrong position for long periods, such as at work or while driving, can put too much stress on the tailbone. This causes pain and discomfort that will get worse the longer you stay in this position.

Tailbone Injury

The next cause of pain in the tailbone is due to an injury. This can occur when you have a hard impact on the base of the spine. For example, being kicked, falling from a bicycle or slipping and others

In most cases where the tailbone is injured, it will only be badly bruised. But in more severe injuries, the tailbone may dislocate (get out of place) or fracture (break).

Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

The next cause of the tailbone pain is due to repeated stretch injuries. You may develop coccydynia or tailbone pain if you regularly exercise such as cycling or rowing. This is due to continuously leaning forward and stretching the base of the spine.

If this movement is repeated many times, the muscles and ligaments around the tailbone can become tense and stretch. Tightening muscles and ligaments can permanently damage them. When this happens, the muscles can no longer hold the tailbone in the correct position, causing pain and discomfort.

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