Back Pain at a Young Age, Recognize the Causes!

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06 April 2021
Back Pain at a Young Age, Recognize the Causes!

Back pain at a young age we need to be aware of. This disorder generally occurs in people who are elderly. However, if this condition occurs in those of you who are young, there may be a dangerous cause.

Disorders of the spine generally occur in adults or those aged 30-40 years and over. But not infrequently this disturbing condition can also occur in people who are still young.

Pain in the spine can be very disturbing. How not, this of course will make it difficult for sufferers to carry out various activities as usual.

The spine or spine has a function to provide stability to the body. Not only that, the spine also supports the upper body and allows the body to turn and rotate.

Causes of Back Pain at a Young Age

Given the vital function of the vertebrae of the body so we have to take care of them. Therefore it is important to know the various causes of back pain at a young age before the condition gets worse.

A pinched nerve or Nucleus Pulposus Hernia (HNP) usually occurs in heavy workers who often lift heavy loads. Not only that, the pinched nerve can also occur because of a history of injury or falls.

The sufferer will feel severe pain in the spine and can radiate to the thigh or leg, have difficulty urinating and in more severe cases can also cause paralysis.

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