Left back pain can be caused by this

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05 April 2021
Left back pain can be caused by this

The left back pain that is felt by everyone is different. By knowing the causes, how to deal with back pain can be easier.

Because, there are those who experience left back pain for a while, but there are also those who experience it for a long time. The following are the causes of left back pain:

Soft tissue damage

Soft tissue damage can cause left lumbago. Soft tissue damage in question such as a sprained ligament or a tense muscle.

As a result, the muscles become inflamed and spasm so that you experience pain.

Spinal Problems

In addition to damaged soft tissue, problems with the spine are also other causes of back pain that you need to pay attention to.

There are several types of damage to the spine. For example, hernias, joint dysfunction, and osteoarthritis.

Organs in the body are disturbed

Problematic organs in the body, especially those in the stomach, can also cause pain that is felt in the waist. Some types of diseases that usually cause back pain are kidney stones, kidney infections, pancreatitis, endometriosis, fibroids.

Back pain that you experience needs to be examined by a doctor immediately. Especially if there are other symptoms that make your condition worse. You can go to Spine Clinic Surabaya for further examination.

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