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Fat People Vulnerable Spine Pain

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
15 August 2014
Fat People Vulnerable Spine Pain

KOMPAS.com - Men or women with excess body weight, aka fat prone to suffer from lower back pain (NTBB) or so-called low back pain. Accumulation of fat in the stomach will make it work in supporting the body's spine.

This was stated by the spine surgeon Spine Center of Ramsay Hospitals Premier Plastica, DR.dr Lutfi Gatam SpOT encountered in the seminar "RHCI Orthopaedic Update on Joint and Spine" in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/25/2012) yesterday.

"The person's weight will increase the risk of experiencing low back pain. Fat tends to accumulate in the stomach to make the body posture leaning forward and back easily injured, "he said.

A fat means it will increase the burden of the spine. In fact, like a milestone spinal cords were sustained. When the rope is strong then the mast will not fall. Ropes supporting the spine is called the core muscles of the body or core muscle.

In men, the risk of experiencing pain lower back pain greater. According to Lutfi, men are more at risk because they generally do heavier work and activities. "In general, men use more muscles to work. Also there are jobs done while seated man who worked as a driver, "he said.

Low back pain due to the influence of body weight and activity can be overcome by doing regular moderate exercise every day. Also set up and familiarize yourself with a lot of standing rather than sitting. Even when sitting, posture should be ideal so that helped join the backbone.

"Indeed, if the factors of age and genes we can not avoid. But if because of the weight factor so the conditions should lose weight first. And balance activities like not a lot of sitting, "he said.


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