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Confused looking for a place to check your bone health? Just check at Spineclinic Surabaya

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17 March 2021
Confused looking for a place to check your bone health? Just check at Spineclinic Surabaya

One of the important functions of bones is to support the body. Without strong bones, the activities you do will be limited. Therefore, keeping bones strong is very important. However, the bones are in the body and difficult to observe directly. Of course it is difficult to check whether the bones are still properly preserved.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an examination performed using magnetic technology and radio waves. This examination is performed to obtain detailed and in-depth images of the bones in the body. This examination is performed as a diagnostic aid for doctors.

The MRI procedure is performed as a supporting examination and a tool for doctors in diagnosing diseases or health problems that occur. The reason is, this inspection will produce a frame system image with high resolution. These are all needed and can help doctors to determine the disorder and find the right treatment for health problems, and evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.

An MRI examination of the spinal cord is performed to detect several health problems that may occur. MRI can be done to detect spinal cord injuries, as well as multiple sclerosis.

MRI that is done can also be used to detect diseases of the bones and joints. For example, bone infections, bone cancer, to joint injuries.

If you want to know more for sure about the disturbances that occur during an MRI examination, you can do an examination at Spineclinic Surabaya. For further examination, You can make an appointment with a doctor from Spineclinic Surabaya. Besides checking with MRI, Spineclinic Surabaya also provides various kinds of medical tests for bones and nerves that you can try.

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