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Spinal tumors, Medical Condition Needs Accuracy and Adequate Experiences

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29 December 2016
 Spinal tumors, Medical Condition Needs Accuracy and Adequate Experiences

It all depends on the doctor's diagnosis for the right accuration about the position of tumor. We've been looking for the source of the disease began in September typus post-hospital gynecologist, internist, a neurologist, and bone surgery in Jember. But when it has not found the source of the disease. Predictions based on the first MRI suspected lumbar sacral thinning, so that therapies that we do with swimming and weight loss. But my wife's health condition has declined. So that the information from a friend that we consult to the doctor EAS (Eko Agus Subagio) to determine the source of the disease. Finally we went back to Siloam Hospitals Surabaya, which has eminent services to the spinal cord to consult a doctor, Dr. EAS. At that time we were told all we've done. But Dr. EAS told us to put aside our whole story and focus on the doctor's his diagnosis that time.

He is very modest in diagnosing my wife, which is just distinguish the touch of skin on the toe to the chest. Finally, the doctor asked us for taking MRI with contrast. Alhamdulillah .... subhanallah The MRI result found tumors of the spinal cord. The best and safest treatment is surgery ...... doctor said ....... Finally we return to Jember to determine the operating decisions. Which makes me amazed and grateful when negotiations with Mr. Deltu, manager of Spine Clinic about the operation carried out only through WA. Estimated maximum cost that should we prepare the amount and the details are sent via WA. From this coordination, I decided to be prepared when my wife operation on date Thursday, December 15th to be exact.

Spine Clinic Siloam Hospitals is very professional, all the time, the doctor is incredible, incredible-management, all outstanding ......... finally with the permission of Allah, and the prayers of thousands of friends, relatives, and Society, My wife's surgery is successful. Thank's Yaa Rabb, you have led us to the doctor of the nail and nail Hospital. Thanks to the management Spine Clinic Surabaya Siloam Hospital for the best services for my wife ..... We hope Society can be motivated. The most important thing in dealing with problems such as this disease is fast-execution, in choosing the right doctor, right to choose a hospital that has a complete infrastructure that was followed by distinguished professional management. That's the key ......

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