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Pinched Nerves Not Need Surgery

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
20 November 2015
 Pinched Nerves Not Need Surgery

Pinched nerve was excruciating. Interference can be felt in a concentration ranging up to the most severe tingling disruption of activities due to the pain of the extreme. Most of these health problems can be eliminated with non-operative treatment and rehabilitation. Everyone who experienced it will take this step first. But if the disturbance perceived keep reappearing and getting worse, operative therapy may be considered for addressing the roots of the problem completely. As the story follows Sugiono father. Mr. profession as an entrepreneur who has the furniture in Jaya Pura is an active activity. Light and heavy work is still being done together with the employees. The age of almost 55 years do not look at the physique still fit and vibrant. However, the last 6 months, he often complained of pain in the lower back or boyok. Options for treatment to his family doctor for alternatives and enough help to resolve his problem. At one time he worked, doing activities as usual. Pak Sugiono having a bit of work accident which made him fall to the sitting position when lifting heavy loads. At first it was only causing regular pain, but a day later

Pak Sugiono experiencing the pain of the lower backs and spread to his left leg. Then he came to his family doctor and the results of the diagnosis the doctor said no part of the pinched nerve in the lower back. Because it did not improve during treatment to the family doctor in Jaya Pura finally referred to the Spine Clinic Surabaya Siloam Hospitals Surabaya. Accompanied by his son finally come and consult. Options offered for Pak Sugiono is operative therapy to relieve nerve entrapment part without implants. Decompresi with microscopic surgical technique for approximately three hours, with the permission of God experienced health problems Pak Sugiono could be helped. Hospitalization for 4 days with physical therapy practice makes Pak Sugiono like never experience pain who had experienced it. Evident from before returning to Jaya Pura, his vacation to Pacet Mojokerto for refreshing. And during the holiday activities with the terrain climbs and driving your own car, the pain never came even be worn jogging. Alhmdulillah, praise be to God. Hopefully Pak Sugiono story can inspire people who need information and experience. Healing is of God, we are ready to help wholeheartedly.

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