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Tips to Relieve Headache with Neck Pain Without Medication

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28 January 2019
Tips to Relieve Headache with Neck Pain Without Medication

Headaches together with neck pain are far worse than headaches. Here are some tips to help you relieve headaches and neck pain without treatment.

1. Give strong pressure. Strong compression on the temples, forehead, and / or neck with your fingertips can relieve pain caused by tension headaches.

2. Use an ice pack. Cold therapy reduces blood flow and reduces muscle spasms and inflammation, relieves pain. Cold bags placed on the forehead or temples may be useful when treating several headaches.

3. Try heat therapy. In some people, headaches may be caused by narrowing of the arteries, and can be removed by placing a hot bag on the back of the neck. Hot baths can also help relieve pain while also giving a relaxed feeling.

4. Maintain good posture. Maintaining good posture can help keep your neck, shoulder and back muscles healthy and not too tired. Maintaining good posture not only helps relieve your neck pain but can also prevent neck and back pain. Sitting upright with your shoulders back and headless protruding forward is a good way to keep your head, shoulders and back parallel.

5. Sleep, but don't sleep too much. When you experience tension headaches, it's important that you sleep well. Sleep deprivation can cause headaches or make chronic headaches in some people. Some studies also show that sleeping longer than usual can cause tension headaches to occur or get worse.

6. Use the right pillow. A suitable pillow allows for a good sleeping position and can help reduce neck pain and headaches. Choosing the right pillow with height, comfort, and support that is right for you and adjusted to your head-neck. In general, polyester and latex pillows are chosen to provide good quality sleep.

7. Relax to relieve pain. You can relieve tension headaches such as anxiety and stress by meditating or doing simple breathing exercises. These techniques help release good-feeling hormones (endorphins) and can help you relax and improve concentration.

8. Visit a physical therapist. A physical therapist can help formulate a treatment plan by incorporating physical therapy techniques, such as manual therapy and / or exercise. Physical therapy is also useful in strengthening the neck and back muscles.

9. Massage. A massage therapist can help relieve pain in trigger points (soft nodules in the neck and scalp muscles) through certain massage techniques.

10. Try alternative medicine. Cupping, acupuncture and acupressure, both focus on stimulating certain acupoints in the body. This stimulation of acupuncture points can help ease the pain of the trigger point, and regulate organ function and maintain conditions of stability and balance in the body.

11. When you have a headache with neck pain, it is important to give yourself a break and let others know that you need time to rest and recover from your condition.

What is a migraine?

Apart from tension headaches, migraines can also cause neck pain. If you suspect you have migraines, you can also try to avoid migraine triggers. Migraine triggers can be found in foods and food additives, such as chocolate, monosodium glutamate, nitrite, nitrate, caffeine, and alcohol. Migraines can also be triggered by certain types of light, smell, and / or sound.

When to see a doctor?

Both tense headaches and migraines can be painful and crippling in severe or chronic forms. It is recommended to consult with your doctor. If you have a headache with neck pain that does not recede, it often occurs, or gets worse over time. A doctor can help formulate a treatment plan that might involve medication.

Headaches with stiffness and tingling associated neck and / or numbness in the neck, shoulders, and / or arms can indicate a serious injury or medical condition, such as meningitis, and should be evaluated by a doctor.

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