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Preventing Back Pain with Correct Lifting Way

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06 March 2017
Preventing Back Pain with Correct Lifting Way

When it is busy doing the job, suddenly our waist is stiff, tension, aches and pains once so that the work should be stopped. Though the deadline waiting. That low back pain or lumbago. Been there, too? Here are a few ways in order to prevent the pain does not recur, as follows:

1. Always stretch or warm up before exercising or other strenuous physical activity.

2. The position of the body do not bend while standing or sitting. When standing, keep your weight point to be balanced on your feet. When sitting, choose a chair with a backrest that is good and comfortable and the seat height should be appropriate to the work table so that it can keep our upper body remains upright.

3. Take the time to walk around and stretch muscles mild although only briefly as a distraction from your work position. When the waist already tense / pain immediately do it.

4. Wear shoes soles of his soft / comfortable and low-heeled.

5. Ask for help from others when you lift a heavy object.

6. If your job requires physical activity, follow the steps below:

- Do not lift by bending.

- Raise the goods with bent knees and crouched down to take the goods.

- When carrying goods, keep your back straight and continue to hold the object to your body.

- Avoid twisting when lifting.

- Better push rather than pull when you must move heavy objects.

7. Exercise in the morning light on a regular basic to maintain healthy bones and muscles back to lift activity.

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