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Smartphone, Causes of Neck Pain

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26 November 2016
Smartphone, Causes of Neck Pain

Are you currently read by bending the neck toward smartphones?.

If so, this article will make you aware of. Looking at the screen smartphone can overload your spine up to 27 Kg. Most people using smartphones on average 2-4 hours. According to the study read smartphone affects height position for neck and back.

Adults have a head weighing 4,5 - 5,5 kg, so when standing with perfect posture, the weight of the load which is supported by the spine. According to recent research, advancing the head will increase the amount of load on the spine.

When advancing the head 15 degrees, causing the load 18 Kg, at 45 degrees it will cause 22 Kg and is currently advancing the head 60 degrees to eat will cause tension 27 Kg. These conditions not only cause pain in the neck but also cause tension in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

After learning how meyakitkannya spine when reading using the phone, tablet, e -reader of course you would be wise to use it, familiarize yourself with good posture. This means that your ears aligned with your shoulders and your shoulder blades in a neutral position. Yes, put the phone in front of the face directly as comfortable as possible, but if you still want to suffer from a stiff neck 20 years from now.

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