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Two Years of Treatment Roving East Java to Recover from Ankylosing TB

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
24 August 2016
Two Years of Treatment Roving East Java to Recover from Ankylosing TB

Anyone can experience this condition and this time the story comes from Bojonegoro spine. Mr. Mifta an entrepreneur in the field of construction. Perceived complaints since 2 years ago increasingly disturbing. Pain in the waist that initially mediocre too long to make its activities are limited. As a layman, if pain medication is certainly near and around us first. Likewise Mr. Mifta, ranging from alternative in East Java until a medical with several specialists in any city he visited. Well his name could endeavor departed from anywhere. Until one time he met fellow whose story is also here.

"When the first year can still be severely disrupted activity though, but for the second year of activity began to decline. Body heat is often cold, keep the final months before the operation can not indulge at all so leave from the company almost 1.5 months. After the story with a friend then it can be a hotline number spine. Contacts occurred before the holiday. After receiving little general explanation, I then went to Surabaya spine Clinic Siloam Hospitals to be examined. MRI was already scheduled, with the rapid processing results can be discussed with Dr. Eko Agus Subagio. Based the result of the examination is known that there are conditions Ankylosing TB spinal so that there is a defective part. If left unchecked it will aggravate the condition. Finally the new operation became the main option to correct it. Related spine surgery many believe the negative, he said only 50% recovery. But with education and explanations were quite informative from a trusted source, ultimately I want to recover steadily through this endeavor. Bismillah.

Having assisted in scheduling surgery, the next difficulty turned out to families in need of help to look for accommodation during the restoration process because I do not know how long for hospitalization. Then we also helped to find a place to stay according to the budget requested. Alhamdulillah, from preparation, surgery and recovery, all according to plan. Hospitalization for 4 days is visible progress so that they could leave. Rest at home for a week and had returned to work. Thank God, now I am getting better, also more comfortable for walking. I recommend to my friends who experienced the same thing to seek information from the right source. May be useful.

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