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High Heels cause Back Pain ?

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
05 May 2015
High Heels cause Back Pain ?

The first thing that touches the ground while you walk is your heel – the remaining parts of the foot follow and your weight is distributed throughout the body. So you realize by now that the way you walk, the way you position your foot while walking, can have a huge impact on your body weight distribution.

When walking properly while wearing correct shoes, you relieve your spine and your muscles of the additional stress. But when you start wearing high heels, you shift the weight of your body forward, your back starts to arch and before you know it, your back pain starts.

One other problem that occurs while wearing high heels is the pressure on your toes. With your heel being elevated, you put more pressure on the toes, and actually narrow them. Narrowed toes can`t perform their function properly (of distributing your weight), so you are creating unbalance that is hurting your spine.

Now, I`m not saying to give up high heels completely – just pay more attention and don’t wear them too often.

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