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Healthy Tips in Spine Pain Treatment, Post-Surgical Spine

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
21 August 2014
Healthy Tips in Spine Pain Treatment, Post-Surgical Spine

Body Care Tips

When are you allowed to bathe

Typically, one week after surgery you are allowed to bathe, two weeks after surgery you can soak in hot water, and four weeks after surgery you are allowed a bath in the public baths. However, you are not allowed to shower until all the stitches were raised, and the wound has healed.

Posture and the water temperature in the bath

If allowed to bathe, discuss with your doctor first because this type of action / different operating also have different instructions.

Better bath with an upright position rather than lying in the bath.
Patients should release the buffer in the bath.
Warm water bath is recommended when experiencing pain after arm or leg action / operation.
Bathing is good for patient recovery is 15-30 minutes at a temperature of 40 ° C. water +/-

Wash your face using the sink

Bend your knees slightly, or stand upright with one foot using a brace or other device as a floor buffer.

Wash Hair

If you are having surgery waist, bend your neck a little bit, and straighten your waist while wearing a buffer. Shower must remain hanging on the wall.

If you undergo neck surgery, your wound should be completely healed before you wash your hair. Remove the buffer, and keep your neck to keep it straight. Shower also remains to be hung on the wall.

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