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Spine Surgery will not cause Paralysis

by. Tim Dr. Eko Agus Subagio, Sp. BS - Spine (Tulang Belakang), Dokter Saraf Kecetit
15 August 2014
Spine Surgery will not cause Paralysis

Paralysis after spinal surgery never happened. But failures in spinal surgery can occur, so that the patient loses because there is no health improvement.

Failure occurred in the absence of the union only between a pen with bone. It took three months to perfect the union, so that after the operation the patient should not be too much of a walk or run. This is expressed by the doctor Thirukumaran Subramaniam of Malaysia Malacca Mahkota Hospital in orthopedic seminar in Semarang Office Jl MH Thamrin, Saturday (26/1).

"I am afraid no patient outcomes after surgery. Because the patient's stress, I come to think of stress as a doctor who failed to reputation, "he said.

Information of side effects due to spinal surgery has spread in the community and is a concern. However, it can not be proven occurrences paralyzed. Signs of failure such as can not walk after surgery or there is still pain in the back.

The issue was also raised by the presence of joint complaints cramps, tingling, and could not walk. Handling does not have surgery, but can then take glucosamine injection technique within a specified period.

"Glucosamine to joint cartilage need strong, so it does not hurt when the bones rub together or when moving," he said.

Persons with diabetes or excess sugar in the blood elements can still take glucosamine. Therefore, it is not dangerous, but it is possible there is little interference. Ways to minimize disruption by reducing the dose of the drug antigula.

"For young people need glucosamine so far, because the cartilage is still good and fertile. Glucosamine is not the only drug to strengthen cartilage, but now there is no other material that could replace it. Please if there is an alternative to glucosamine replacement, "he said after the opening of a representative office MMC Melaka Malaysia.

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